Cant believe its been a month since i last blogged, the month went by very fast. Well heres a quick one.
So are we ready to open the door to wonderland??? I hope that was a yes/yayy. Ok so i chose the concept "Alice in Wonderland" because theres something very blossombymi-le'y about it.lol
My crit was today, Thank God that has been the best presentation i have had in school history.
Not one negative critcism was said, the closest to it was the jacket could have been a little bit more fitted.
The criticism from my last presentation(springing forth) really helped with is project, i took so much on board.

Had fun with the sketchbook it was more like a storybook, dont know if you remember those little children's books that have little figures that pop out or stick out when you turn the page.
I can only show a few pics because paranoia seems to be telling me not too share too many ideas online.

Ejeka ma lo(oya lets go) hehe

hehe stripy socks...allow it you need to have fun when you illustrate. Dont expect anyone realistically to walk out of the house that, except u want to why not..freedom of expression.

So the " hard to please" tutors really liked the little twist on tailoring and thought what was made reflected the concept. So i am happy with it, they are happy with! hope ur happy with it, so that we can all be happy with it lol.. if not well sorry thats Blossombymi-le for you.

Have a fantastic weekend and if you are into fashion, art or architecture and you're in london seize the opportunity this summer to visit the Viktor and Rolf exhibition at the Barbican, it was tremendous, well considering the fact that i love doll-houses but honestly its one of the greatest exhibitions i have been to.
p.s- cant believe i am not going to see this peeps again, Marie's going back to Belgium to study fashion journalism and Sho's going back to Japan. As for Mi-le shes still carrying on with school...
Have a great spectacular weekend people and try and have fun with fashion this weekend, experiment, do something different. loads of kisses, take care and God bless....bye



R.I.P Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent (August 1, 1936 – June 1, 2008)

Master-mind at work

After the success of his first show at Dior( this pic is exclusive-thanks to the wonderful mini library in my room).
Often i think, my first collection.... (what would it turn out like).. ..Anyways..i am thanking God for the vision he has given me, now looking up to him to help make it happen.
Patiently waiting for that green light till then working in progress......

Signing out Blossombymi-le (BBM) x x x



No poison intended........

Just as the ivy flower symbolises- fidelity........this post expresses my true feelings.....
Who really is a fashion designer???(someone that designs clothes DUH)!, lol but really it has to be more than just drawing clothes and bringing them to life i feel. Has it become a trend? A nice title- it sounds nice when you are asked... "what do u do"? I am a fashion designer!!

Just thinking... should a fashion designer have more meaning to its name ....there's so much more to designing i feel, looking for fresh new inspiration. Its time to start thinking outside the box...to everyone aspiring, does not necessarily have to be fashion design..
Anyway...i need to run lunch-break is over..... remember NO POISON INTENDED......



Was going to blog last night, felt soo inspired to but i cant remember why i didnt, o well i am blogging this morning its exactly 01.04 a.m now..

Basically, i felt a bit down a few days ago. I dont know if u ever get that feeling when u just feel empty for no reason at all, well that was me a few days ago and i prayed about it. Anyways, praying really works. How?

I remembered my old design tutor, when we got back from christmas holidays we were shocked to see the state she was in. She got involved in an accident and her face got deformed. It was a very tragic situation. She only stayed for two weeks and then left.

However, theres good news that her face would get back to normal, it would take two years for the healing process to be completed.

I really miss her, Lois situation reminded me that we have a GOD who would never leave us or forsake us. That got me back on point........

I drafted my first pair of trousers yesterday (although they are just plain) it was a good exercise to know how to construct a pair of trousers and put them together and i made it in calico(practice fabric), I am really digging tailoring even more now.

After feeling inspired i decided to put my emotions on paper....

Lets meet Apple Blossom, There she is all easy going and relaxed knowing that HE is in control, she symbolises hope and knows that HE is a harbinger- expecting greater things to come.

HE really does put a smile on my face :-) Take care people hope HE gives you something fantastic to smile about this weekend... ..

Signing out Blossombymi-le x x x x